Team space, digital inclusion and #anothergreatweek my first weeknotes 28 Jan

We’ve had another great week this week in the Digital Innovation team so I felt inspired to try writing some weeknotes. I don’t know if this will be a regular thing, but let’s see.


Most of the team got together today to look at our digital roadmap and think about what micro actions we can take to engage our colleagues in what we’re doing and why. We’ve taken the idea of micro actions from our @oneteamgov colleagues — thankyou!

We’re about to start the beta phase for our digital advice service which means adding 6 more people to our team for a few months via a digital outcomes contract. Where to put them? Desk space is a challenge so as a temporary measure we’ve created a shared workspace by clearing up an area that wasn’t being used, and asking our admin team to lend us some tables. It’s not perfect but it’s a start and means we can all sit near each other.

Welcome to our touchdown space


I had a lot of different meetings on Tuesday but the lunch and learn session from @gavinelliott stayed with me all day (and for the rest of the week) and generated loads of good conversations with colleagues about mental health in the workplace. He blogs about his experience here — def recommend reading it.


Our Nottingham colleagues demoed their first alpha prototype to us — a packed session with great questions and discussion. They’re working on improving the user’s journey into our Individual Conciliation service, alongside a team from @MethodsDigital. I’m really impressed by what they’re doing, and our team are learning lots from the project.


I was really looking forward to this morning as it was our first digital skills volunteering session @bromley_by_bow centre. Once a month we’re supporting people who are learning to get online. It was incredibly rewarding, educational, and to top it all their social enterprise cafe does a mean veggie curry.



We went to catch up with our digital colleagues in the Office of Product Safety and Standards (part of BEIS). They’re as keen as we are to see where we can work together and share learning and resource — so one of them is going to spend some time shadowing our content designer, and come on some in house training we’ve organised.

Finally Philippa Newis and I have been working together to organise some yoga sessions for Acas staff, so far there’s been lots of interest. I’m curious to see whether this will be successful or not.

Trying something new . . .

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