#weeknotes 3: digital strategy, this time with more gifs

apparently gifs are integral part of weeknotes (thanks for the feedback!) so one of the things I learnt last week was how to embed them.

More importantly how was my week at work and what did we do?


I caught up with my colleague from IT to collaborate on our digital roadmap for the organisation. We’ve got an ambitious programme of work on the underlying technology — so we’re working together to make sure digital and technology are aligned with each other. Later in the eve there was a governor meeting at Holy Trinity School looking at progress data for each year group — and where we need to be focussing extra effort. I love working with the school (I’ve been a governor there for 14 years) — and it’s really interesting seeing how the leadership team approach opportunities and challenges.

Ok so this isn’t exactly progress data but it is some very cute chicks that Yr2 hatched . . .


Tuesday was ace. I spent most of it with @digi2al team and my team, getting to know them. That even involved a team lunch (yay!), and a great exercise by Kerri based on the where I’m from poem . . . worth checking out. I also got time to read the content audit report on our existing site from Rebecca — it’s really good and thorough, and highlights why we’re building a new site and digital advice service.


Wednesday was also ace (it’s been a good week generally). Sarah Prag and Gavin Beckett came in to see what we’ve done since they helped us create our digital roadmap. I had a shopping list of things to talk to them about — from benefits mapping to digital leadership.



Hmm. Thursday was way too busy. I tried to fit more in than I should have — a common problem I have and one I’m trying to get better at. There were several highlights in the day though including a great chat with our Head of Advice Services about how we can work together. Jess put up some great posters too:


I made a really good decision to work from home again on Friday morning — which meant I could answer all the emails that had stacked up. In the afternoon I caught up with the whole team. It was great to end my week with them all — planning ahead for next week and hearing about everything they’ve done so far.

What I’m reading this week:

Conversations of change, by Dr Jen Frahm. One of the first lines is ‘well hello there, haven’t you got a challenge?’. Nuff’ said, it’s great.

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