#weeknotes 5: trying a different approach

So, having written 4 #weeknotes using a fairly linear Mon-Friday approach I though I’d try a few using the question format that other weeknoters have used. Feedback welcome . . .

So what inspired me this week?

Lots! We had sprint 1 planning this week — and I was so impressed (again) at how using agile means that a group of dedicated professionals can bring all of their skills together to plan out what we’ll deliver collectively over the next two weeks. And it involves cake:

Banana and coconut this sprint

Sprint 1 goals are all about getting the basics right before we start building in beta. Philippa, Aleks and Charlotte built a wall for us — it’s really good to get our work up and visible to our colleagues:

Digital advice beta — first iteration of the wall

Luka Alexander led a session on accessibility for the team which was awesome. The content was really well thought out and clear and we’ll be sharing it with other teams in Acas so that we can share the learning.

I read some great blog posts that inspired me — for instance the @mattcaino blog post on what they’ve learnt from their experiences at Hackney about what makes a great show and tell. And I had a really good conversation with the excellent Alex Mecklenburg from Doteveryone planning out the final session of our digital leadership pilot.

Finally Helen Bevan is always an inspiration — this week she shared the slides from the school for change agents.

And what did I learn this week?

I had some great conversations this week with various people who shared their knowledge and insight with us. James Abley came in along with Roo Reynolds to discuss how we’ll plan our technical requirements as we move from private beta to public beta in June.

And for those of you reading this all the way through (!) I also learnt to make a gif for myself using giphy. It’s not quite right (I can’t work out how to make it smaller) but still, not bad for a first try. Any advice on sizing ?


Finally, what I’m reading this week:

I’m still reading Conversations of change — some really good insights in here but I haven’t had as many chances to read as I wanted this week.

Next on my list is A seat at the table: IT leadership in the age of agility, by Mark Schwarz.

and the soundtrack to my week has been: The boy who cried wolf, by Passenger. Beautiful beautiful songs.

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