weeknotes 14: it’s cold :-(, meeting new people :-), lamnuts :-0

[HT Debbie Blanchard and Chris King for the format]

I am writing these weeknotes slightly grumpily because it’s cold outside and summer has gone away again. I’m so done with winter*.

I went to Hackney on Thursday and met some of my new colleagues. It was a great day — gave me a good introduction, and I came away with lots of thoughts and ideas. Thanks to Rob Miller for organising it and everyone for making me feel very welcome.

I checked in with Michelle Bayley, and we talked about how we can inform and excite our wider colleagues in the work we are doing.

I worked on governance this week — still thinking about how to get the right decisions at the right time, with the right people. I don’t have an answer yet but am starting to pull ideas together. Am working my way around this list from Richard McLean which is full of helpful sources.

I connected on linked in with Catherine Howe after she published her weeknotes 16 — interestingly looking forward to the week and not back, and all about governance.

I chatted to Paul Turner from the Office of Product Safety and Standards (BEIS) about how our teams might continue to work with each other to share learning and resources. He’s one of those brilliant people who’s always looking for ways to collaborate.

I smiled when I worked out how to add a pop up in html as part of our coding course. And then turned it dodger blue (what a great name for a colour!)


I realised I’d overcommitted this week. I need to get (much) better at managing my diary.

I relaxed at yoga. And watching TV (just in case I was sounding way too virtuous).

I read lots. This from Tom Hewitson (via Beth Aitman) on naming your service and why it’s hard. I’m still reading A seat at the table, and it’s still good. Sarah Richards on human optimised content.

I got excited about starting two new trello boards — one for handing over my current job, and one for the new job.

We engaged with our infrastructure and architecture colleagues to jointly solve how we’ll go from beta to live. Mathew from the infrastructure team is going to join us to work with us which is ace.

I learned a whole load of things: about github desktop, branches and forks, wireframes, design, and amazon web services to name but a few.

I have missed my eldest son this week (he’s gone back to uni).

I discovered Crosstown lamnuts. Oh dear. Too good.


*since I started drafting these it’s warmed up. 🙂

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