Weeknotes 28: data, and more data

A short(ish) weeknote this week (to reflect the short week!)

Thought for the week — courtesy of Studs Terkel

5 (great) things that happened this week

(NB loads of good things happened — this is just a sample)

  1. We’ve made offers to all 18 apprentices now — which means that very soon we’re going to have an influx of new talent and energy. Am really looking forward to meeting them all — and there’s a real sense of excitement across all the teams about doing the best we can to induct them well, and get them off to a good start. I spent some time this week thinking about how we can support managers with this.
  2. I learnt more about how our mobile data contract works than I thought I would at the start of the week, including meeting our suppliers, reading through lots of background material and learning loads from Steve about the art of the possible. I’ve also had the chance to work closely with Steve all week on a range of various things, which has been great as we’re both new to Hackney, and working our way into our roles.
  3. I went for swim 5 of 8 at the lido. In the rain (which was actually kind of magical).


4. We finalised the ICT survey 2018 questions — it’s ready to go out next week and I think we’re asking the right questions that will help us innovate and improve. It’s been great to work on this over the past couple of weeks as it’s helped me also think about our impact measures.

5. I spent time with Sonia, Hackney’s Head of Policy and Partnerships — learning about the work of her and her team. I heard her talk at an event about the work she’s doing on inclusive leadership — something I’m also interested in, so it was good opportunity to discuss how we might collaborate.

What I read this week

This via a friend who’s used it really effectively in the NHS and was raving about it:

Stop Counterproductive Activities and Behaviors to Make Space for Innovation

I also like that it suggests using the 1–2–4-all method of incuding everyone in the room.


This from Ben Holliday on different trypes of maps is really helpful.


Via Glynn Jones on twitter — I was reminded of this excellent blog post about boldness from Janet Hughes


and finally I loved this from David Venturi, via Steve Messer’s brilliantly titled weeknotes — a data scientists’ approach to ranking data science courses.


What I struggled with this week

There was a lot of data and maths stuff this week. I have to remind myself that I can work with both, really effectively. And kick against my default belief (long held and powerful) that I can’t.


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