Weeknotes 30: From snowflakes to insects

Thought of the week — from Tobias Mayer. In his ‘The retrospective is now’ essay he puts forward a different take on Norm Kerth’s Prime Directive on retrospectives:

We are emotional and vulnerable beings, subject to a continuous flow of influences from a myriad of sources. Sometimes we perform magnificently; other times we mess up. Mostly we are somewhere between these extremes. In this last period of work everyone did what they did, and likely had reasons for doing so. Accept what is. And now, what can we learn from our past actions and thinking that will inform and guide our future ones?

6 (great) things that happened this week

  1. We’ve agreed to take on 21 apprentices, instead of 18. This is awesome news and I blogged about it more here.
  2. Riccardo published the first elements on our pattern library. I’m really proud of the pattern library built at Acas and really pleased that we’re doing the same at Hackney.

3. Lindsay from our infrastructure team gave a really engaging and informative session to colleagues about serverless computing. Using a snowflake, pets, cattle, chickens, insects analogy which made it really very simple to follow and gave me the interesting title for this week’s weeknotes. Lindsay also took the opportunity to tell us about the work his teams been doing in this area — I’m hoping he’ll blog about it too. This link covers the same ground if you’re interested . . .

The pets and cattle analogy demonstrates how serverless fits into the software infrastructure landscape

4. We’ve been working with Rainmaker Solutions on developing the local government pipeline, building on the work that #localgovdigital did. It’s still in development but it’s open for anyone to have a look at here. Nic, our lead delivery manager is demoing it at#localgovcamp next week so that we get a chance to show what we’re working on to colleagues from across local government.

5. Thinking back to my gremlins in weeknotes 28, I did a lot of work to better understand and be able to track the data on one of the projects I’m working on. And as a result feel much more confident about tracking success.

6. Swim 7 of 8. still brilliant, far fewer people (it was raining).*


What I read this week

One Team Gov published their goals for the year — def well worth a read, and I’m now thinking about how we can contribute to them through the work we’re doing at Hackney.

This blog series about Canada’s Free Agents from Abe Greenspoon was honest, clear and interesting. And links directly to One Team Gov goals.

The pets and cattle analogy demonstrates how serverless fits into the software infrastructure landscape

And this from Mark Schwartz — why it’s a hypothesis not a requirement, and the link between agile principles and servant leadership:

The pets and cattle analogy demonstrates how serverless fits into the software infrastructure landscape

*I also swam on Sunday, as had I visitors who’d heard me talk about how lovely it was and demanded to be taken. But, using the same logic as before, that is still not swim no8.

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