S2 Ep3: doing the things that scare you

This week had all the elements of a great week at work — some things that felt easy (well in my comfort zone), some new things, where I learnt from others, and a couple of things that needed a deep breath . . .

Clefairy karaoke

5 great things that happened this week:

  1. henry lewis and I had a brilliant chat about all things printing which really helped me work out what I needed to do next, tested some of my assumptions I’d made, and generally I got great advice from a colleague. Printing is my life* at the moment, as we get the procurement ready for a new contract for on demand printing across the council. Karim and I have been working together this week through our checklist of ‘things that we mustn’t miss’.
  2. I spent Thursday morning at Cancer Research UK talking to Chris, their head of content, and Giulia Merlo, service design lead. Both chats were incredibly useful — Chris has been instrumental in setting up their blog and podcast (Cancer Research UK Tech Team), and Giulia is always a source of inspiration and advice — this time around how we might make our portfolio of work more visible, why, and what impact that might have. She’s also offered to be an assessor for us for one of our upcoming service assessments, which is fab.
  3. Kylie Havelock asked me if I’d be a guest on the One Team Gov podcast, and before I could back out I said yes. So on Wednesday I found myself having a really interesting chat with Kylie and her co host Kamala (who was joining from New Zealand). I was pretty nervous but they did a great job of making it feel relaxed.

4. I had an early planning meeting for women in tech week with one of our councillors, Carole Williams and Dujon from our employment and skills team. We’d really like to do something that showcases opportunities in Hackney, and inspires women in Hackney to think about roles in digital and technology. We have a few months to plan and prepare — and lots of ideas!

5. Maariyah came along to film for a video that’s promoting the Hackney 100 scheme. As a team we’re hosting 4–5 placements this year — it’s a great thing for us to do, and it’s one way of starting to build a network of interested candidates for when we recruit our second cohort of apprentices. Being filmed isn’t something I really enjoy* but the scheme is one that is definately worth promoting to employers in Hackney and to young people who might want to take part.

What I read this week:

This paper from Angelica Quicksey was an interesting read about service design, and it’s role in public services:Service Design for Public Policy
Originally researched and written as part of an independent study for the Harvard Graduate School of Design.link.medium.com

I really liked this piece from Emma Mulqueeny OBE on agile and governance, and the need to rethink our traditional approach:The final frontier in agile public services
This article has been published in the March 2019 edition of the Investigo Public Sector Insight Magazine. From the time…link.medium.com

*my colleagues may be a little bit bored of hearing about it, tbh.

**that’s an understatement but — as with most things, it’s getting easier with practice.

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